St. Thomas of Villanova

St Thomas of Villanova Church




By the early 19th century, Catholics had settled in Goshen. In 1832, Goshen passed to the care of New Haven. By 1842, Goshen became the responsibility of Bridgeport, then of Norwalk (1848) and finally of Falls Village (1851). Goshen's first recorded Mass was celebrated by Father Peter Kelly of Falls Village in 1854 at the William Devlin home. In August 1856, the priest received a quarter acre of land from Simon Scoville. Father Kelly then erected a chapel on the land and named the mission St. Columcille. Falls Village pastors celebrated Mass periodically in Goshen until December 1, 1873, when St. Columcille passed to St. Joseph, Winsted. Father Leo Rizzo da Saracena, O.F.M., built a new church that opened on December 8, 1877. The mission was named for St. Thomas of Villanova at the request of Bishop Thomas F. Galberry. In 1882, St. Thomas became a mission of St. Anthony, Litchfield. By 1920, the mission was closed after the Catholic population dwindled. Soon after summer tourism brought seasonal use of the mission in June 1930, St. Thomas reopened. St. Thomas finally gained parish status on December 1, 1934, with Father James Egan appointed pastor. Father William Whibey was able to build a new church dedicated on October 6, 1973, by Archbishop John F. Whealon.


71 North St,

Goshen, CT 06756


Hall Phone: 860-491-9276


HALL RENTALS at St Thomas of Villanova Church of the St Louis de Montfort Parish: call 860-491-2756. One month advance required as well as insurance.